Homebrewing in times of coronavirus is safe and essential


With most on-premise venues closed because of this viral crisis, our options to enjoy our daily quality beer are – to buy it from the store or to brew it at home. Here are 5 reasons why this the perfect time to make beer at home.

1. Drink draft beer at home while taprooms are shutdown

Draft beer when homebrewing in times of coronavirus

Serious beer lovers like you and me are still being offered ample supplies of craft beers locally, as long as liquor stores remain open for business. As I am writing, almost all shutdown States considered beer, wine and liquor retailers as essential, with only the exception of the ones with strictly State controlled liquor regulations.

So most of us have access to bottled or can beer. But two questions come to mind:

With such a sudden increased demand for packaged beer, larger breweries have the advantage again. Micro and craft breweries have been selling 40% of their production on draft. Will they be able to maintain their market share in the short term?


The other question is how to even enjoy the freshest beer from the keg? You may say, OK, some local breweries get creative and sell beer to go, as you can read in this Washington beer blog.

My recommendation: it’s never been a better time to start brewing at home. While you’re at it, invest in some equipment and learn how to keg, if you haven’t done it yet. You can’t visit your favorite taproom at this time, so bring the taproom to your home!

2. Avoid wait time at the liquor store

To avoid lines at the beer store homebrewing makes sense

Even if liquor stores and beer shops remain open – most of them are doing quite well – these retailers are facing challenges to sell you beer. Saturated phone lines, under-managed websites, under-staffed order prep areas, lines for curbside pickup can cause you to wait.

Another reason why you might as well order beer making supplies on-line and brew at home

The time you spend brewing is easily made up by the time you will have to wait at the store. My advice is to brew larger quantities. 5 gallons or more will make it worth your while.

3. Eliminate the stress of shopping in a potentially harmful environment

Grocery stores, or liquor stores, if they allow you in the shopping area, have to impose certain rules and procedures. Restrictive shopping hours depending on your age, keeping your distance with other shoppers.

It is also safe to follow personal measures such as wiping and sanitizing the cart, the handles cold cases, perhaps having to wear gloves and a mask.

When shopping, you will have to deal with the stress of interacting with a person at check out.

Instead, I suggest you order your brewing supply online and make beer at home.

4. Why you should support home brewing supplies businesses

One of the positive aspect of the coronavirus is that it is giving people the taste for working from home and having more free time. Our lifestyle will certainly be impacted by this crisis. Businesses that offer you sustainable, long term products and services that fit that lifestyle are satisfying a real need, in that sense, they should be deemed as ESSENTIAL.

At ThePureBrewer, we believe in promoting companies with ethical practices towards their employees, suppliers and customers. Therefore I encourage you to support

Your local, independent home brewing supply store will most likely be happy to ship your order to you. If you order directly online, choose a reputable, quality, ethical vendor. I recommend you check out Morebeer.com. These guys are real people, passionate, happy to give you great professional advice and service.

5. Use your time at home to do something you love

Brewing in times of coronavirus from the comfort of your home

Having to spend all this time at home is the perfect opportunity to have fun and do something you love. Practice your hobby, learn new skills and techniques, try new brewing recipes. That’s why we love home brewing, we love the process.

The average commuter in the US spends 26.6 minutes each day, one-way, which equals to 4 hours and 25 minutes a week.
If you add to this, the time you would have spent eating out, let’s say 3 times a week spending 20 minutes, that’s an hour. Your total time saved because of the coronavirus lockdown is now at least 5 hours 25.

Pretty much just about the amount of time needed on brew day.

Conclusion: let’s get brewing!

Final thoughts

In these unprecedented days of Covid 19, home brewing is essential business.

There is no better time to brew at home, to reduce the stress and avoiding the risks of shopping at the liquor store (or the taproom), allowing us to enjoy fresh beer daily while making of the most of this extra time to practice what we love and learn new skills and techniques, it is also important to support our favorite online or offline suppliers. Remember to support independent, ethical businesses.

As always, please share any personal experiences, and questions you may have, and I will be happy to get back to you.

Let me sincerely express all my best wishes to you and your family – stay safe and healthy as we go through these days of change.

Cheers and to our health,




  1. I am still thinking about starting my own home brewing set up and making my own craft beer but love the beers made locally and from around our state. They beat mass production beers hands down and offer an enriching experience in every amber drop. With extra time on my hands, this looks like a perfect hobby for fun and enjoyment.

    • Right now is a good time to start, if you have extra time in your hands.  There’s no doubt that craft beer is significantly more quality-driven than any mass-produced brand out there. When you start brewing at home, you will discover deeper dimensions in beer aromas, taste, and purity, getting to appreciate further this essential beverage.

  2. This seems like a viable option to get beer that you know didn’t get tainted if you are the only one whose hands have touched all the ingredients from start to finish. I usually have a beer when watching sports on tv. Usually the Arkansas Razorbacks, hey don’t be hating, so the reason I have to throw one back is gone. What’s your favorite brew you made to date?

    • Hi Jason,  Enjoying a beer while watching your favorite team playing on TV is what I would consider essential.  I encourage you to try brewing whenever you have time.  It’s really fun and rewarding.  The brew I made to date I thought was particularly interesting was probably an English Mild Ale, because my taste leans more toward the malt component that the hop intensity, and also it turned out very balanced and easy to drink.


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