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More than ever, home brewing is popular and the personal benefits are many. By nature, home brewing is already an eco-friendly and sustainable activity. Why not integrating your passion into the opportunity to further help your health, local farmers and the planet?

I’m a French-American Wine & Beer professional with a new passion: Home brewing

Born and raised in Burgundy, France with roots in Alsace (only recognized French producing region for beer AND wine), I’ve had the chance to always be immersed in a rich culture of food, wine and … beer!

I’ve worked in the wine & food business since 1989, both in France and the USA. I am privileged to be connected with some of the industry’s best wine and beer professionals.

My former experience as owner of a catering company in the Midwest has given me a professional background in cooking, tasting, selecting ingredients, learning new techniques, and creating my own recipes. I am a member of the Club Wort Homebrew Club, Palatine, IL.

Currently living in CHICAGO, #1 beer city in the USA in number of breweries in 2019. I am involved in many professional and private tasting events.

Hopleaf Beer Session
With wine maker Daniel Hecquet and Owner Michael Roper, at Hopleaf, Chicago

We all should care for the environment

I believe it is today everyone’s responsibility to do what’s best for the planet and for the people. Beer, as an agricultural product, result of human science and art gives us the opportunity to use natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way and at the same time to craft an amazing beverage.

I believe the more beer reflects and expresses a pure, natural and genuine method of production, the more we, the consumers will benefit from enjoying quality and character in the glass.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

How I would like to help the Home Brewing Community

As I am researching and learning myself about sustainable quality home brewing, I hope to be able to provide you with a place where you can

  • find information on what’s new in this constantly changing, fascinating beer world,
  • share your experience as a home brewer
  • find ways to continuously deepen your appreciation of beer and learn to taste like a pro
  • improve your brewing techniques
  • understand the chemistry of fermentation, yeast management, and how to master the boil
  • create and share recipes with the beer community
  • … and more


While helping like-minded home brewers to follow all the practices we can possibly implement to

  • reducing waste of water, energy that means money
  • sourcing better, sustainable or organic ingredients
  • feeling good about restoring the planet’s natural environment
  • supporting passionate and fair malt and hop producers, as well as breweries
  • … and more


Please connect with me using my contact below to share your thoughts, experiences, requests and ideas about brewing better, and doing it in a sustainable way.









To our health, cheers!





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