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Welcome to ThePureBrewer.com, the place to learn about making your own beer at home and connect with a PASSIONATE, QUALITY DRIVEN BEER COMMUNITY, as well as ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS HOMEBREWERS.  Here we share about the fun and the benefits of brewing your own, about techniques and equipment, tasting notes and beer traditions, food pairings and recipes, the importance of using natural ingredients for your health, the health of the planet and for the health of your wallet …

So, Cheers!

I have always had a passion for enjoying natural fermented foods and drinks!

Born and raised in Burgundy, France with roots in ALSACE (only recognized French producing region for beer and wine), I have had the chance to always be immersed in a rich culture of food, wine and … BEER! – this has always been my life style, and also my career.

My career in the wine business in the USA, since I immigrated 25 or so years ago has given me the opportunity and the privilege to be connected at the bar and restaurant level with top chefs and beverage program directors, as well as at the retail level with some of the best professionals in the industry. As a wine buyer I have learned in depth about how to select and import what would please the market tastes and about the logistics of the distribution business. I travel frequently to France, and have relatives in England, Germany an Italy. Currently living the Chicago area, I am proud to be part of a vibrant and diverse community of starred restaurants, famous breweries, and world-class retail stores. I love to go out, and discover new local, artisan producers. I am involved in many professional and private tasting events.

I love to cook and I’ve been fascinated by the natural process of fermentation. I enjoy making kefir, kombucha, bread, yogurt, vinegar and fermented vegetables. There is something magic about the transformation of the ingredient. I’VE STARTED TO BREW BEER ONLY RECENTLY and want to learn everything I can about home brewing. Personally, I have a preference for beers that have pure, vibrant, layered aromas and flavors, and I have a low tolerance for aggressive hops.  For this reason, I WANT TO CREATE BEER RECIPES to satisfy my tastes.

Meanwhile, I have paid increasingly attention to THE WAY WE CONSUME and how the chemical industry is ruining our lives. Why does the alcoholic beverage industry avoid labeling ingredients? It only makes sense to know what ingredients we eat and drink, where they come from, how they’ve been produced, how they impact OUR HEALTH. I really believe that QUALITY and GREAT TASTE can only come from producers who care, are passionate about what they do, and are MINDFUL OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

Also, because of my experience in the beverage distribution business, I came to realize that it doesn’t make sense to produce things that will end up being over priced because of the COST OF DISTRIBUTION, COST OF MARKETING – a name brand that wants to be perceived as unique and exclusive. We need to PRODUCE LOCALLY.  That’s where home brewing make sense, because it is easier than ever to make great beer at home, wherever you live, whatever your budget is.

Sharing my beverage professional experience from a beginner’s perspective

BECAUSE OF MY PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE in the beverage industry, and my personal passion for producing and consuming quality and healthy ingredients, I would like to share with the community my approach of brewing better beer.

As a brewer newbie, I’m HAVING FUN learning the beer sustainable production process at home, and organizing the knowledge and resources available online and offline.  I think you will be interested in learning along with me.

I sincerely believe it’s time to encourage consumers to support farmers and merchants who CARE FOR PEOPLE’S HEALTH AND FOR THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET.

Sharing our experiences – great beer brings people together

ThePureBrewer website was design to

HELP YOU SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A BEGINNER – like me – and getting more advanced with home brewing. Learning from experts and professional consultants

HELP YOU PRODUCE YOUR OWN HEALTHY, QUALITY BEER. Nothing is more satisfying than making what you consume at home.

  • Understanding the chemistry of beer fermentation
  • Learning about the techniques that work for you
  • Avoiding beginners’ mistakes
  • Training your palate and making fine beer in the style you really enjoy

HELP YOU BECOME MORE AWARE AND INFORMED ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF DRINKING ORGANIC. For the gluten-free dieters, for the people looking for organic ingredients.

  • Learning about the specifications in the production of grains, hops and yeasts
  • Where to find ingredients that are quality, GMO-free, products from sustainable, preferably ORGANIC, local farming
  • How to make gluten-free beer at home
  • In the end, HELP YOU save money!

If you feel like connecting with me and sharing your beer-related thoughts, experiences, passion, requests, ideas, please use my contact info below.

All the best,

Cheers and to our health!



Vincent aka The French (Homebrewer) Hippie