The MoreBeer homebrew kegging kit with new 5G keg is one of the best values


Sooner or later you’ll want to move from the hassle of bottling to kegging. There are many benefits to doing that. From a sustainable approach standpoint, kegging is the perfect solution for conditioning homemade beer.

  • SAVING TIME. One of the frustrations of bottle conditioning is that you have to wait 2 weeks or so for the beer to get carbonated. It only takes between a couple a week or less to carbonate beer in a keg.
  • EASIER CLEANING AND SANITIZING. It’s easier and faster to clean and sanitize one 5 gallon keg versus 48 bottles.
  • CONSISTENTLY BETTER QUALITY. When you keg beer, there is no more bottle variation and you have the tools to produce and serve cleaner beer. Since your brew is carbonated with CO2 and not a refermentation in the bottle, there will be a minimal amount of residual yeast in the keg, it doesn’t alter the profile of the finished beer
  • CONTROLLING GAS PRESSURE. When kegging, you are also able to adjust the gas pressure. This is important to respect the style of beer. Carbonation impacts significantly the perception of dryness and mouthfeel when tasting, and Although around 12 psi works for most beer styles, you may want to go between15 and 20 for a Belgian Ale or Wheat Beer and between 35 and 38 psi for a Stout.
  • FLEXIBLE DISPENSING. You can pour any serving size you wish (let’s say from 1 oz to 5 gallons…)

In this article, let’s review what specific values this MoreBeer homebrew kegging kit has to offer on top of delivering the benefits I just mentioned.

OverviewThe MoreBeer homebrew kegging kit with new AEB 5G keg

This system includes all the parts for you to start kegging your beer with the same level of quality as a commercial brewery. It comes with a new keg so you don’t have to change all the seals, clean and sanitize, which, in the end, can be expensive in time and money when dealing with used gear. The ball lock type of Cornelius keg is the more popular keg in the homebrewing community for a reason. It features a Pressure Release Valve which makes it easier to use, and it is slightly less bulky, so a bit easier to store. Kegging brings your home brewing experience to the next level.


Kit contents:

New Ball Lock Cornelius keg with manual Pressure Release Valve (PRV)

New 5 Lb CO2 tank aluminum built, so it won’t rust. It is shipped empty and will need to be filled at a gas supplier’s such as AirGas. Make sure to request food-grade CO2.

3/16″ beer line assembly with handheld faucet

5/16″ gas line assembly

Dual gauge regulator with check valve

Weight – 26 Lbs

Where to buy:

Price: $269.99 – Free shipping.

Perfect for beginners to start kegging

For the home brewer who is kegging for the first time, this is the ideal set up. It’s easy to assemble. All you need is to fill the gas tank and get a refrigeration system, and you’re ready to go.

MoreBeer is a superior online store for homebrew kegging kits

Core values

MoreBeer is one of the most reputable companies to buy from. According to Craft Beer and Brewing magazine – Readers’ choice – Morebeer is the number 1 home brewing Retailer of the Year. You can really trust this company for quality products, customer service and education. They have thorough videos about lots of different pieces of equipment and ingredients.

This kit includes all the parts you need to get started. The price is great.

It delivers great value: built to last, professional looking. The keg, regulator and CO2 tank can easily be used in more expensive dispensing systems such as Kegerators when you are ready to upgrade.

Brand New Ball Lock 5 Gal AEB Corny KegThe new AEB 5G keg is the center piece of the MoreBeer homebrew kegging kit

This Italian made keg is beautiful. AEB is a manufacturer you can trust. They’ve specialized in stainless steel containers for the beverage industry for 30 years. They are all about quality, environmentally friendly production, and of course, that sleek Italian design and look as an added bonus.

Cornelius (from the name of the manufacturer) kegs – or Corny – have been the most popular choice in the homebrewing community. Initially used for serving soda, and got re-used for kegging beer at home. They are perfect for this and they are easy to clean, fill, setup and maintain. Pin Lock Corny kegs are originally Coca-Cola kegs, Ball Lock kegs are Pepsi kegs with the same opening system, similar inlet and outlet posts. Ball Lock kegs come with a manual Pressure Release Valve, a significant benefit, making them easy to open and adjust the pressure. Ball Lock kegs are also a bit taller and thinner and they take a bit less space on the floor.

As used and refurbished Corny kegs are getting harder to find, you might as well buy a new one for almost the same price. You won’t have to clean it and replace the o-rings (seals).

Dual gauge regulator with check valveThe regulator is an important component of the homebrew kegging system

MoreBeer doesn’t specify the brand of the regulator, but you will get the essential features. The regulator is a key component to carbonate and serve beer from a keg.

One gauge measures the remaining level of gas in your CO2 tank

The second gauge allows you to adjust the dispensing pressure

A built-in check valve is an added security, preventing leaks and making it easy to disconnect

Reliable and easy to set up dispensing systemThis handheld faucet makes a homebrew kegging system fun to use

What I like about this system is the simplicity of the gas and beer lines. They are easy to sanitize and assemble/ connect, disconnect – with standard “quick connect” color-coded fittings.

Beer dispensing tubing is generally made of PVC free and BPA free, anti-bacterial material like this one. The 5 feet line, as well as its 3/16″ inside diameter, should allow you to avoid excessive foam in the glass. Depending on the gas pressure you select for your beer – normally 12 to 15 psi will be appropriate for most styles.

The faucet is simple and easy to use. It makes the whole system portable and fun to use.

Sanitation of the dispensing lines and faucet is critical to maintaining a proper draft system. This system is easy to sanitize.


  • This kegging kit includes all the parts you need. It’s perfect to start.
  • It includes a brand new keg. No cleaning, testing required. For me, it’s a biggie.
  • Transportable kit.
  • The price for the quality you’re getting makes for this product a great value.
  • Support an independent company like MoreBeer – they’re the #1 home brewing retailer for a reason too.


Final words

If you have decided to start kegging, this homebrew kegging kit is a great choice. In my opinion, the pros here far outweigh the cons. The price is particularly fair, given the quality of this system. You will enjoy using it for many years. It is very easy and simple to set up. All You need is a fridge, ideally to store and refrigerate your keg at all times.  It is ok to store the gas tank in it too.

I’m leaving you with additional tips:

  • Use Star San sanitizer, because of its foaming capability to test for gas leaks at the connections and around the lid.
  • If you encounter excessing gas pouring your beer, simply get a longer length of tubing, 8 or 10 feet.
  • Most homebrewers find used fridges on Craigslist.  Look there first.

Please share your experience and comments on this product or kegging in general.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cheers and to our health!




  1. I enjoyed reading your article on Homebrew Kegging Kit More Beer With 5G New Keg.  There’s a lot of helpful and exciting information.

    It would be the perfect idea to use for football parties.  This would make a great father’s day gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any occasion.  I might get this beer kegging kit as a gift for my brother-in-law since he likes beer too.

    Do you know if beer kegged at home tastes better than the store-bought beer?

    Thank you for the great review!


    • Hi Margaret, 

      Thanks for your interest in this essential piece of home brewing equipment. If your brother-in-law has brewed before and has been bottling so far, this would be a great gift for him to switch to begging.  To answer your question: yes – it’s possible to make beer that tastes better than store-bought beer, it’s a question of a bit of practice.




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