Not pouring your beer in the proper glassware? You should.

Maybe you’re going to say it’s my wine background … I’m telling you, though, and beer professionals agree with me: using an appropriate glass accord to the beer style makes a huge difference and totally enhances your drinking experience. There’s is only one worse way to drink beer: not using a glass at all.

Let’s look at the

Not pouring your beer in the proper glassware

Every beer drinker has his or her own favorite personal glassware. Newer shapes of glasses are of course popular because they go with the style they symbolize. IPA and Stout glasses are common due to the rise of the “haze craze”, and tulip stems are perfect to express Some prefer to drink out of an old-fashioned dimpled mug (why not?), while the Teku glass is increasingly trendy and the classic nonic pint is always in order. As the number of beer styles and categories have literally exploded, so have the different shapes of glasses. With my wine background, I can only approve of the diversity of options available and the respect shown to each individual beer served today. Serving beer in the wrong glass can totally ruin the experience. Some simple guidelines to enhance your enjoyment. Here are my suggestions:

  • For aromatic and complex beers, such as Belgian Ales, Saisons, Sour beers (Brett). DIPA: TULIP
  • For delicate, pretty beers, such as Kolsch, Pilsner, Hefewiezen, Fruit beers: STANGE or PILSNER GLASS
  • For full-bodied, such as Triple, Quads, Bocks, Imperial Stouts: GOBBLET or CHALICE
  • For most Ales such as British Ales, American or Irish Ales, Brown Ales: NONIC PINT

Ultimately it’s a matter of personal preference, but I believe there’s science behind the shape, size and thickness of the glass that will work best with the profile and characteristics of the beer – HEAD RETENTION, VISUAL APPEARANCE, aromatic COMPLEXITY, and BODY.

So, Get your favorite glass.

Cheers and to your health,


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