Title: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing – Fourth Edition

Author: Charlie Papazian

459 pages

Price: $10

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My rating: 5 out of 5

Complete Joy of Home Brewing 4th Edition










About the author

Charlie Papazian is regarded as the most prominent and respected advocate to the modern home brewing movement revival in America. He founded the American Homebrewers’ Association (AHA) in 1978, which runs every other year the most prestigious and largest beer competition in the world, “The World Beer Cup”, aka “The Olympics of Beer”.

Papazian wrote 5 books, “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” is considered as “The Bible of the Home Brewers”.

What I like about this book

  • Relaxed approach and fun style
  • Easy to read
  • Structured in 3 sections: beginners/ intermediate/ advanced – in each section, you will be walked painlessly through all the information you need to know as you make progress
  • Intelligent mix of facts and anecdotes, both informational and entertaining

Why you should buy this book

  • You will learn how to make excellent beer, regardless of your skills level
  • Charlie Papazian is the most trusted authority in home brewing
  • This book demystifies all the chemistry, it presents home brewing in a way that everybody can understand and put into practice
  • The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 4th Edition is an essential, practical and enjoyable reading
  • It has been fully updated with current recipes and styles of beers
  • This book is an undisputed reference in the larger home brewers community – share the joy and the spirit
  • Should you own only one book on home brewing, The Complete Joy of Home Brewing would be it.

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